Harmonic Can Afford to Pay for Scrap Tires – Where Other Recyclers Cannot!

Our business is based on profits, being green is a bonus.

Harmonic offers a number of investment opportunities within the tire recycling market. Harmonic develops projects that are based on commercially proven technologies. We are looking for investors to fund both the initial seed money associated with new project acquisitions, detailed design, engineering, and permitting; as well there are other opportunities for participating in the larger capital cost requirements to take a project from permitting and design to commercial operations. In order to provide focus, reduce investment risk and ultimately maximize investor return, all new projects are created as separate legal entities under the parent organization. Investor funding is then directed into these new, project-specific companies in the form of equity ownership.

Our approach is unique in the market place due in part to the large amount of deal flow we review on a monthly basis. Many project developers approach us with interesting opportunities, but often they lack the funding and critical components required to successfully carry their project through to project financing and require additional support. With that in mind, Harmonic has the ability to direct these developers to interested third party funders that have an interest in funding and building out projects that have quick rates of return and offer early exits to market. If you have an interest in our deal flow and would like to know more about Harmonic and our activities, we would be pleased to discuss the opportunity with you.

Based on our experience and reference facilities we expect that Harmonic’s tire recycling solutions and integrated business model will put an end to subsidized tire recycling in the future and will put all subsidized tire recyclers out of business. ~ Jamie Mann, CEO

Harmonic has over 10M tires locked up for processing every year – based on the model below, Harmonic’s end-to-end solution will revolutionize the industry. With only 2 operating projects, Harmonic has the potential to generate approximately US $100,000,000 per year in revenue from recycling only 10M tires.

Over 1 billion scrap tires generated each year, with over 10 billion in stock piles!

A Breakdown of Revenues for Processing 1,000,000 Scrap Tires

Proven Resource Reserves & Proven Profits

Tire Remanufacturing


250,000 Tires

Per Tire


Passenger Tire


150,000 Tires



Light Truck Tire


100,000 Tires





750,000 Tires



The Harmonic Integrated Business Model Total

Revenues from 1 Million Scrap Tires