Harmonic Energy’s Mission

To define a new era in industrial tire manufacturing & recycling, using a fully integrated approach to sustainability.

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The current market place is expanding on a global scale and the need for raw materials is putting extreme pressure on the rubber and rubber related industries. The Harmonic Tyrolysis™ solution represents the most profitable recycling option available to scrap rubber and waste tires.
Our patented Tyrolysis system is an extremely efficient processing platform that produces new tires, high grade nano carbons and green fuels. This combined technology integration delivers the highest possible returns for investors.
In 2007 the European Union banned tires in any form from landfill and yet 50% of all scrap tires produced in the EU are still landfilled as engineering cover due to the lack of advanced recycling infrastructure. Harmonic has a closed loop, end-to-end solution that is environmentally superior to any other form of tire recycling.